Wednesday, August 16, 2017


- Katie Krause

W.F. Killip Elementary School and Community Learning Center is a true community school. Located in Sunnyside, Killip services students and families within walking distance to the school. Although we have several students who attend outside of Sunnyside, we are a walking school with no buses. Killip is a Title-I School with 100% Free and Reduced Lunch. We are proud to offer our students and families a safe place to acquire academic support, as well as other opportunities to enhance their interests and passions through our afterschool programs. We are known every year for our successful chess program and school garden.

Killip is a STEM school where all K-5th grade students have the opportunity to engage in real world learning through the lens of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Our teachers and Instructional Specialist have worked hard to create units based off the Next Generation Science Standards. In these units, students read about the science concepts, engage in an engineering task related to a real world problem which also has tie-ins throughout the academic day with math, social studies, art, and technology. Within each unit, students hear from guest speakers, volunteers and attend fieldtrips to further the connections made in class. Killip is truly preparing students for a rigorous 21st Century world.

We know all students at Killip. I am very proud that the teachers meet weekly in collaborative teams to develop units, revise them, look at student data, have meaningful conversations about data and student needs, and make action plans for all students. We have extension opportunities and every student receives targeted interventions at their level daily. Every student at Killip is our student, whether they are in our class or not.

I have been teaching 5th grade at Killip for 7 years and I am so proud of my school. We are always looking for ways to collaborate with community members, parents and teachers and aim to help all students reach their full potential. Killip teachers make it a priority to get to know our families and celebrate diversity and various cultures.
Because we are a community school, we are always welcoming community members to get involved with our units and the opportunities we give our students. Being a Title-I school, we appreciate tax credits allowing us the chance to further experiences for our students and support for teachers. 

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