Friday, August 11, 2017


- Dee Engelthaler

Northland Preparatory Academy (NPA)... sounds snooty, doesn't it? Elite, exclusive, even.  It isn't. NPA is just like every other middle or high school in Flagstaff. Just smaller. No tuition. No entrance exam. No cafeteria. No football team. Okay, there a few nuances to NPA besides its lack of football team and cafeteria.

At NPA, the class sizes do not exceed 22 students. This means your teachers will know who you are, by name. For better or worse, you will not just be a face in a crowd of thousands. Your classmates will also know who you are. You will get to know everyone, and they, you. I'm not saying you will be BFFs with the entire student body, and walk the halls hand-in-hand singing, "Kumbaya," but you will get opportunities to talk and connect with others who maybe you never thought you would. You will learn to push yourself... academically, emotionally, socially, and maybe even athletically!  As a student at NPA, you will hopefully find strength and empowerment in your abilities as a student and as a person. You will learn to balance the rigors of academia at NPA, while also nurturing the other things that are important in life, to you, whatever those may be... music, chess, dance, leadership, sports, and so on.  You will be reminded daily, by me, your friendly neighborhood Spanish teacher and Peers adviser, that high school isn't forever...NPA isn't forever.  It's just a stepping stone to help you create the person you want to be in life!

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