Thursday, August 24, 2017

Month 8 School of the Day: MOUNTAIN SCHOOL

-Jacki Lenners

When I became a stepmom almost 10 years ago, my stepson was about to enter kindergarten. His mom got up before the sun to stand in line at Mountain Charter School registration, securing his place in the kindergarten class. Things have evolved, and thankfully there is now a lottery system, but the core of what drew them to Mountain School in the first place, is still there as my daughter enters her second year (first grade). 

After having our daughter at Haven Montessori (another fabulous charter school, and the reason that I had the fortune of meeting Cristy) for the previous four years, it was a huge decision to switch things up for kindergarten. But, we knew she was armed with a strong foundation, and Mountain School had always been part of our plan. 

Mountain School’s foundation begins and ends with its people and their overwhelming love for children. Ms. Renee, the school’s founder, had a vision of creating a place where students can grow individually and families play an integral role in the school. Ms. Gina, the principal, is standing out front every morning, greeting parents and kids with hugs and words of encouragement. She sets the tone for the nurturing, caring environment that permeates the school. My daughter is a hugger (this is not genetic), and I’m blown away as she walks the hallways, throwing her arms around various teachers. 

Mountain School has that “small” feeling, but the programs and amenities are anything but small. Our daughter anxiously awaited her art, PE, Spanish, and music classes each week. SeƱora Michelle fostered her newly discovered love of Spanish, and Ms. Maggie’s spring music performance is something I remember attending for my stepson each year, and I’m so excited to continue that tradition. 

Academics and hugs aside, one of the things we love most about Mountain School is the before- and after-care program. While I wish I could pick her up at 3:15 every day, that’s just not possible. These programs are often an afterthought at schools, but Ms. Sally puts my mom guilt at ease, creating an enriching, fun program full of activities, crafts, and games. 

I’m so thankful that Mountain School came into our lives nearly a decade ago, and that our daughter has the opportunity to experience this awesome school! 

For more information about Mountain School, please visit!

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