Saturday, August 5, 2017


-Angela Yamauchi

What do we love about Marshall Magnet Elementary School?

My daughter’s response to this question: She loves all the activities like art and dance and music. She thinks it’s awesome that she got to learn folklorico dance from Mr. Sergio and photography from Mr. Bacon. She likes the science fair. She likes that the teachers make learning fun. She appreciates that the teachers say they chose to be at Marshall rather than another school, which makes her feel special and that she is at a special school. Her favorite part though is the friends she has at Marshall. She loves her friends.

My experience at Marshall has been as a parent and as an instructor from the community for their elective program. As a parent, I chose to send my kids to Marshall and to the Flagstaff Co-operative Preschool located there for several reasons. The first is that this is our neighborhood school. I feel fortunate that our kids have the old-fashioned experience of walking/biking to and from school (although I have to admit that I pick them up in my car on my way home far too often). Secondly, I value the diversity of the student population at Marshall. It mirrors my own experience growing up in a racially and ethnically diverse community of immigrants in L.A. I firmly believe that early childhood experiences with a diverse group of peers helps us to first see people for who they are, rather than for “what” they are. Finally, I appreciate the focus on enrichment, as evidenced by Suzuki violin instruction for all K-2 students and the Magnet Monday elective program for the older students, with classes such as FIRST LEGO League, Photojournalism, Ballet Folklorico, Gardening, Chess Club, and so many more. I myself became involved in the Magnet Monday program as an instructor for a short time. The staff was open to new ideas and was wonderful in providing support and working with me to create a STEM-based class. I am impressed with the level of involvement by the teachers, staff, and other community members who work at Marshall because they truly care about the students.

One final anecdote: At a recent baseball game in Phoenix, my daughter sat next to an older woman and talked her ear off. At one point the woman told her that she was a “smart cookie” and asked what school she went to. After my daughter answered, the woman then asked whether it was a charter or public. My daughter didn’t know, so I answered for her, proudly – “Public!” The woman remarked, “Well, they must be doing a good job!” Yes, they are.

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