Wednesday, August 9, 2017


- Chrissy Speer

In the months leading up to my daughter finishing up pre-K, I drove myself nuts trying to find what school would be best for her to start kindergarten.   We are so lucky in Flagstaff to have so many options for elementary schools and with so many specialty charter schools here I honestly wasn't even considering my neighborhood school.  I mean why would I send my child to (GASP) public school when there are so many other options that are also free?  Long story short, after sitting in on 3 different kindergarten classrooms to observe, I walked in DeMiguel without an appointment.  Within seconds of walking in the building, I could tell it was a pretty amazing place.  From the high ceilings to the windows to the huge plants everywhere to the smiling faces everywhere...I just felt good in there.  The principal happily showed me around on the spot.  The classrooms were large, the library was enormous, and the hallways were covered in student artwork.  My mind was made up by the end of the tour that DeMiguel was the perfect school for our daughter.

Here we are with our oldest heading into fourth grade and our youngest heading into second and I know that the decision I made 4 years ago choosing DeMiguel Elementary School was one of the best I have ever made.  The teachers and the volunteers of DeMiguel work tirelessly to create amazing experiences for the children every single day.  Just a few things that stand out over the last year are field trips to Grand Canyon National Park, Walnut Canyon, and the Museum of Northern Arizona.  Our PTA put together a fun run that raised almost $40,000 completely with volunteers and 100% of that money went back into our school!  I think about all the afterschool programs offered like chess club, glee club, Club Invention, and Odyssey of the Mind that keep our kids happy and engaged when we are working.  But mostly I think about the sense of community that my family feels as we walk through the halls or go to a STEAM night or hang out at the local park after school.  Sending your kids off to school is scary and sad and exciting all at the same time and it isn't always perfect.  I have so much gratitude for the educators, parents, volunteers, and friends that have made this journey a happy one.

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