Monday, August 21, 2017

Month 8 School of the Day: BASIS FLAGSTAFF

-Alicia Vaughan

I love the small, impassioned community at BASIS Flagstaff. I have the unique perspective of being a teacher, a parent, and now an administrator, and in each role, every year, I am blown away by the collective talent of our teachers and the extent of our extracurricular activities. Teachers come to us with expertise in their subjects, and often after having work experience in their field. They are passionate about their subjects and we see that translate to students. It is a rigorous curriculum, and that is backed up with a wealth of academic support, and plenty of opportunities for growth in our clubs, or in AIA sports. Our seniors do inspiring research projects that have positive impacts on our community, and then go on to college – usually with scholarship money. As a parent, it’s amazing to see all that my child is learning, and the dinner time conversations have gotten much more interesting. Our families and booster organization are committed and supportive of our mission, and spoil us by filling the teachers’ lounge with goodies, hosting socials, and putting on the end of year luau. BASIS Flagstaff is a special place.

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