Wednesday, January 20, 2021


48 months. 

That's how long it takes the average person to graduate college. It's roughly how long it takes before you can safely bring a child to a restaurant and sort of enjoy a meal. It's also the length of a presidential term.

For many of us, 48 months suddenly feels like an eternity.  Also known as 4 years/1460 days/35040 hours/2,102,400 minutes/126,144,000 seconds. Our minds are racing, adjusting, calibrating to a reality that none of us expected.  

We already thought America was pretty great... right?

This is about putting our money, our energy, and our precious time where our mouths are, and making something good out of a bad situation.

What Next?

We (Jacki and Cristy) watched the election results with friends and stared at each other big-eyed and heartbroken as the new reality sunk in.   We cried, commiserated, drank more beer. Woke up, cried some more and stared into the abyss.  Late in the day, Jacki had an idea and messaged it to Cristy.  Cristy immediately said YES and paid $12 for a domain name.  It was a start.

Newton said, "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."

We propose, that for every action resulting from this administration, that defies our value system, there can be a GREATER reaction of generosity, tolerance, love and humanity.  We tip those scales in favor of love, tolerance, and fill our glasses above that halfway line.    We systematically reject the values of the president-elect.   If you agree, we ask you to join us.

The Reaction

Every month for the next 48, beginning on inauguration day, we will present a nonprofit to those who are interested on this website.   We'll offer ideas of ways you can help.   We'll share links on how to contribute money.  Ways to volunteer.  Items to donate.    Whenever you see something on the news or hear something hateful or just wake up feeling gross, you click on and put something amazing out into the universe.   Involve your children, your book club, your friend group, your coworkers, your kid's school.   You negate the bad stuff with your positive action - whatever it is -- and you know it matters. We keep at it. For all 48 months. We do not let up, we don't become complacent, we don't accept any of this, and we work really really hard to let the world know that we do not tolerate hatred or bigotry in our beautiful mountain town, in our diverse state, in our already great country, or on planet earth.

Whatever you have to give... whether it's time, money or in-kind donations... give.  We promise it will make you feel like you are making a difference and combating the malignancy of this administration.

Maybe we're wrong? Maybe America will be even more incredible after 48 months. If so, that's a win-win, and that is more than ok with us.

In the meantime... 48 months = 4 years/1460 days/35040 hours/2,102,400 minutes/126,144,000 seconds.

We have a lot of time ahead, let's not waste one second.   Check back on January 20th for our first call to action!   In the meantime, you'll find us at the Pay 'n' Take drowning our sorrows.   

Jacki Lenners is a mother, step-mother, passionate public transit advocate, and drinks a lot of wine.

Cristy Zeller is a mother, problem-solver, and also drinks a lot of wine.

Cristy and Jacki together like to cook, boss each other around and are interested in possibly changing the world.  They also may move to Vermont one day and open a bed and breakfast.  


  1. Hello! What a great idea & a worthy cause. I'd love to send info on a great non-profit in Kentucky that helps needy kids. What's the best way to do that?

  2. I read the article in the paper about your blog printed in 2017. I read through your posts and throughly enjoyed them. Thanks for writing them and I’m sorry about the reason you started. I’m with you. What a great way to deal with it.